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Why Choose Us

Valco is a pioneer in manufacturing of Aluminum Extrusions and has had the pleasure to serve this industry since 1998. It produces Aluminum Extrusion Profiles/ Sections with the widest possible combination of alloy, temper, shapes, weight, finishing and assembly. It designs and manufactures its own tooling for extrusion and fabrication and has extensive machining capabilities and finishings.

Valco is a choice for wide spectrum of industries including, construction, lighting, automotive, machinery, telecommunications, medical, transportation, safety and security, furniture, defense and consumer durables.We enjoy the pleasure to serve the customers worldwide. We expert extrusions to many countries including UAE, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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Valco Capabilities

How does Valco maintain control tolerances?
Valco is specialized in manufacturing extrusions in closed tolerances and this is due to result of a lot of experiments and hard work that Valco team has put in for many years through innovation and experiments.Die Design:  Valco uses unique methods of Die Manufacturing; special type of steel for the dies which is though very expensive, but gives longer die life

Controlled Stretching:  Designing of the profiles is done to shrink tolerances so that tolerances are accurate and dimensions are achieved.

Nitriding after 1000 Kgs: State of the art Nitriding process that after every 1000 kg helps keeping the tolerances intact.

Monitoring of Die Life: Valco also keeps die life at lower level for all such closed tolerances

Customer Relationship
We are well equipped to make adjustments in the company as per the changes required by the customer.

Flexible Approach to customer
We are capable in producing multi-void and complicated profiles, which even renowned extruders like Hindalco and Jindal fail in, therefore strong customer base

Financial Strength
Financially strong and debt free which helps to weather the effects of fluctuating world economics. In recent turmoil times Valco is under expansion in itself a example for CRISIL to rate us SE 2A, which means, highly efficient, high performance capabilities and high financial strength.

Value Addition
A strong combination of Aluminum extrusion along with fabrication center and now machining center Inhouse , will be unique feature, at least in India as compared to other extruders and is comparable to a very few in the world.


If you can imagine it, we can build it. From design assistance to complete fabricated and finished extrusions, we'll make your ideas come to life.

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