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Aluminium in Automotive

Aluminium in Automotive


Valco offers aluminum extrusion to help you get a customized part that you have been imagining all these years. In all these years, Valco is known for high-visual, complex, thin-walled, light-weighted, precise and tight tolerance extrusions.

After the completion of the designing process, we are now ready to extrude your customized product. You can provide us the details of your requirements. You can also provide a rough idea and we will manage the rest with the help of our experts.

We have state of the art Foundry facilities for casting homogenized billets in different alloys. Our automatic extrusion presses, handling equipment, stretcher and pullers etc are PLC & CNC based on modern technology where profiles are made in different shapes, weight, temper and alloys. . Our sophisticated handling and finishing equipment’s are of latest concepts and we are equipped with most modern direct chill casting facilities for our foundry, where billets are made as per customers specification. On these bases Valco can ensure for economics with quality and efficiency. Our entire casting process is equipped with most modern direct chill casting facilities for our own foundry, where billets are manufactured as per customer’s specifications. Our expert metallurgists ensure the precise and consistent quality of the alloy mixture.

With many years of expertise, Valco has captured the global market when it comes to aluminum extrusion. We have worked with various industries making us recognize the needs of each. We can therefore customize your aluminum extrusion needs as per your demand.

Different requirements for each industry

Each industry requires their own kind of product. With us, you can choose your alloy, the texture, heat sinks, tongue ratio, tight aluminum extrusion and many other specifications that need customization. In fact, extrusion is just one of them, we supply varied services from designing, packaging and other related requirements.

Multiple profile solutions

We have made your journey smoother by replacing heavily machined parts with customized solutions. We study the end use of the product and then come to solution that best suits our desire.

Customized designs

We have accepted challenges and came out with innovative designs that made us stand ahead of our competitors. We are proud to say that we have extruded some pretty incredible shapes. We can conclude that your imagination can take shape at Valco.